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These guidelines seek to enhance visitor enjoyment, security and safety in Kakum Conservation Area whilst maintaining the values of the area and communities fringing it.


Restrictions within the Park

  • Firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited in Kakum Conservation Area. Declare (and surrender to park authorities) any firearm or weapon in your possession at the park entrance for safe keeping.
  • All tourist activity in the park should be accompanied by a guide/guard.
  • Pets and domestic animals are strictly prohibited in the Park and visitor centre.
  • Bush burning is strictly prohibited in the park and visitor centre.
  • Violation of any of these restrictions can result in sanctions and/or expulsion from the Park.
  • The park and visitor centre are designated no smoking areas.

Preservation of Park’s Resources

  • Littering is strictly prohibited in the park and visitor centre. Litter and leftover food don’t only spoil the beauty of the park; it can also be dangerous to wildlife.
  • Keep your food away from wild animals and store it properly. Never leave food unattended while camping and/or if you are close to wild animals.
  • Do not damage or remove animals, plants or any of their parts.
  • Observe wildlife (wild animals) from a distance of at least 50 meters. You shall be risking your life if you choose to stay closer than 50 meter from wild animals; especially the elephants. Not even when you are under the protection of an armed guard
  • Do not feed animals. Animals in the park are not tamed. Feeding them alters their natural behaviour and they can become dangerous to you.


  • Conserve water and energy as much as possible. Always switch off lights and electrical appliances when not needed. Ensure that taps are firmly closed.

Tourist Information

  • Seek information about Park’s tourism activities at only designated source the information desk located at Reception of the Visitor Centre or the park offices


  • Tourists are advised to wear appropriate outfit i.e. long trousers and close walking boots with firm grip. This outfit would protect you from the wild plants, brushes, reptiles and insects.
  • Arrange all tourism activities (canopy walk, hiking, bird watching, camping) at the reception located at Visitor Centre.
  • Customers can make their complaint on forms available at the visitor centre.
  • Management is not liable for any damage or loss of property at the park.
  • All payments should be made to the cashier at the visitor centre reception.

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